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How to unlock Huawei modem E173u-1

In this tutorial I'll show you how to unlock Huawei modem E173u-1.
If you are used to unlocking modems the way you did with E160, you are wrong.

This tutorial was incomplete at first, i got the urge to update  it after receiving alot of feedback from people all over the world who got to this article via search engines.

First of all you'll need to download the following 3 tools.
1.  Huawei E173 Firmware                (appr. 8.2 MB)
2.  Universal Master Code                 (appr. 579 KB)
3.  Huawei Mobile Partner Software  (appr. 11.1 MB)

Using the Universal Master Code, get FLASH and UNLOCK codes for the device by simply entering the 8-digit figure (IMEI) located under your modem and clicking the Calculate button.

Next, plug in the modem to your desktop/laptop. After it has unloaded all it's drivers, launch Huawei E173 firmware updater you downloaded. The device will automatically be detected and the update process will commence.

when the process completes, a dialogue box will appear requesting for the password. Enter the flash or unlock code calculated by the Universal Master Code.

The above process flushes out the default firmware that came with your modem (e.g Safaricom in Kenya). As you'll notice, it automatically installs itself everytime you plug it into a pc/laptop for the very first time. this time you will have to install Huawei Mobile Partner to act as your dashboard, in replacement of the default you bought with your modem.

Next, install Huawei Mobile Partner and enter the unlock code when asked. Your modem is now fully unlocked and ready for any simcard so long you give it the appropriate settings i.e Profile name, APN, Access No., Username and Password.

I hope this tutorial helps... You can e-mail me through jobtechnologies@gmail.com in case you want to exchange ideas in other fields or simply leave a comment.

For those of you from Kenya I have compiled a summary of your network provider's profiles.

Profile Name: Orange Edge

APN (Static): bew.orange.co.ke

Access Number: *99***1#

Username: leave blank

Password: leave blank

Profile Name: YU Kenya

APN (Static): internet

Access Number: *99#

Username: leave blank

Password: leave blank

Profile Name: Safaricom

APN (Static): safaricom

Access Number: *99#

Username: saf

Password: data
Profile Name: Zain Kenya

APN (Static): celtel.com

Access Number: *99#

Username: leave blank

Password: leave blank

Am prepairing a Tutorial on how to unlock Huawei e220, next.


  1. i like this post! but if you wont mind i would like to know how to unlock ZTE modems!

  2. Hello Mtanganyika, we have a new website coming soon at http://mettajob.com . I'm populating a section of modem with whatever you need. Anyway i've got some tools to unlock specific ZTE modems. I don't know which model ur referring to. Thnx.

  3. The Link to my website is http://jobcomputers.net

  4. Hey vipi! Sharing of files at Filestube has been disabled, access to the files is therefore a dead end. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  5. hey keter! I also got tired of filestube and started a website and the revised article is at

  6. Download links are not working

  7. thank you very much. it really helped.. cheers

  8. Huawei Mobile Partner Software- http://myusbmodem.com/huawei-mobile-partner-download-all-version-all-os.html

  9. Hey job,
    links not up to scratch...any other ideas? maybe a cracked dc unlocker that supports Huawei e173?

  10. @jay kidake,
    You want to unlcok your Huawei E173?I suggest you can approach Theunlockspot.com and get the required permanent unlock code by specifying the country,locked network.

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