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Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Pocket from Android Gingerbread 2.6.3 to Jellyblast 4.1.1 V3

Dear All,
I have been away from my blog for sometime due to unavoidable circumstances and here i am back. In this post today, i'll show you several tweaks for the Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300. You are going to upgrade your phone to another level. I did it successfully on my phone and enjoying it. I feel like i have a new phone.

Please note that i do this on my spare time and i don't have a dedicated time for this as my schedule is very thin. Thanks to XDA Development community who without their help, my phone would be having the same old Stock ROM. For those people not familiar with some terms used in the android development community, I will be explaining some of them in detail, For this reason, the post is not yet complete but still being written live, meanwhile your comments are welcome and this is for your information to know what is coming next..

First let's kick off with the Key terms.
Stock Rom: 
This is the operating system (ROM) that was shipped with your phone by the time u got it from the shop. It was customized by the company to provide lesser features than what the phone is surely capable of handling.

Custom Rom:
This is the tweaked operating system that gives your phone absolute root privileges (as in being rooted) that the manufacturer of the phone had denied you access. These ROMS can be developed by any genius but the most geniuses in this industry i know are the ones developing at XDA community. These are the guys who developed my most favorite media player called MX Player. Am sure you all have it, if not yet, please grab it from the Google Play-store.

This is the process of unlocking the potential of your smart phone by being able to make your phone accept commands that the manufacturer had earlier regulated access. Please note that rooting your phone voids it's guarantee otherwise, there is another tutorial coming in future regarding flashing back your stock room.

Before we go ahead, please note that you decide to do this to your phone at your own risk, nobody shall be held responsible in case you brick your phone. I am going to try my level best to make you understand what you are ready to do to your phone because this post assumes that you are an absolute noob.

Download Mode:
To  switch the Galaxy Pocket S5300 into Download mode, Press the down volume button + the Power button + the menu Button. We will not be using this one.

Upload Mode:
We will be using this method to switch our phone into Upload mode. Press the power button + the Vol Up button and the menu button at the same time and wait till the phone boots up.

Tools to be used:
1. JellyBlast v3 For Pocket.zip

2. vM00CWMv3f by apkfanclub.zip  (In the next screen click file then, press Download)


a) Download the above tools and put them in the root of the internal memory of the phone. Not the Memory card.

b) Boot into Upload mode.  (To be continued...) 

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