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About Me

Ayub Metah or just call him Job, is a programing engineer with strong ambitions. He loves to explore and experiment with the latest technology which has kept him ahead of his game. It is the passion for technology he acquired at a tender age that has transformed him into a competent professional IT engineer he has become today. With the confidence and mastery in a variety of programing languages, He started as a professional technician in computer hardware and mobile phone software. It is from that career that he discovered his passion for programing since he was so curious to understand how software was embedded into a hardware's motherboard circuit. It is from then that he mastered a variety of programing languages such as C, C#, Java, PHP, C++ and Python . Since he was using internet to acquire learning materials, he developed curiosity to learn web development and it's associated languages. Job spent the rest of his time outside college mastering web technologies such as PHP&MySQL, Ajax, JavaScript & jQuery, Html5, CSS, and .Net technologies. His passion  for web technologies led to the birth of http://jobcomputers.net . He has contributed towards the development of various Open source libraries, plugins and API's. He believes that continous learning and research have no limits in the field of programming and the entire IT industry.  
Contact: admin@jobcomputers.net  & metta.job@gmail.com